Trademarks and Intellectual Property

We secure registrations directly in Singapore, and work in concert with a network of associates world-wide with regard to registrations in other countries.

Copyright and Designs
We help clients protect their rights in copyright and designs, including infringement and enforcement actions.

Intellectual Property Litigation
Our litigation team handles all aspects of intellectual property litigation, namely:

Prosecuting and defending criminal actions for infringement of trade marks and copyright

Civil proceedings for infringement of trade marks, copyright, patents and designs, including applying for interlocutory relief such as injunctions and Anton Pillar Orders.

Passing off actions
Trade mark and Patent revocation proceedings
Opposition proceedings
Actions for breaches of distribution, licensing and franchise agreements
Claims for unlawful interference with contractual relations and
Claims for wrongful use of confidential information.

Franchising, Licensing, Distribution and Technology Transfer
Trade secrets are amongst the most valuable assets of any organisation. We are able to provide services for the protection and exploitation of our client's ideas, rights and assets. We negotiate and prepare franchises, licenses, confidentiality, distributorship, and dealership agreements.