If you need to deal with legal issues on a regular basis, it may be more economical to enter into a retainer with us.

A retainer is a sum paid in advance of any work to be performed. We deduct fees and costs from the retainer as they accrue during the course of the representation. Our Retainer Services are customized to suit each client's needs. Each retainer can be tailored to meet a general or particular legal support requirement. For example, a retainer may provide for regular brief telephone consultations with our lawyers, or for the review of simple documents not requiring substantive legal advice. Such services, when provided under a retainer, will not be separately billed.

In addition, depending on the level of Retainer Services a client chooses, we offer preferential rates on our professional fees that apply to legal work not covered under the terms of a retainer.

A retainer would also ensure priority in terms of service and response time and that our lawyers will not represent any party that is opposed to your legal interests.

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