Litigation, Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution

At some point in time, virtually everyone is forced to take part in some form of dispute resolution. If you operate a business, you may participate in it on a regular basis. For others, if unfortunate circumstances present themselves, you may be required to bring or defend a lawsuit. Due to the complex nature of the court system and the associated legal requirements, most rely on lawyers to represent their interests (as self-representation is generally not advisable). If that day comes, and you need to enforce your rights and/or defend claims made against you, call us and we may be able to assist you.

We offer personal and business dispute representation in virtually every aspect of business and entertainment, including wage claims, unlawful termination, breach of contract, defamation and business disputes. We also offer non-litigation resolution to enable you to reduce the costs associated with protecting/defending your interests.

We offer the following dispute resolution services:

Mediation and arbitration

Successful litigation is based on experience, meticulous preparation, and knowledge of the law and business practices and customs. Our General Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Division consists of practitioners who possess exceptional trial skills and who are committed in providing unparalleled litigation expertise and offering the use of Dispute Resolution as an alternative to litigation. The team is headed by Mr. Alain A Johns who has substantial experience and knowledge in civil and corporate litigation.

Our Litigation Team serves a wide and impressive array of clients, which include companies in insurance construction, property development, and oil and gas industries. In addition, the Firm has a robust arbitration practice both in the areas of construction law and commercial disputes. The comprehensive range of services is a testament to the professionalism, competence and commitment of the team. The broad spectrum of work undertaken by the team enables us to provide complete and sweeping legal services to meet all of our clients' needs.

Our lawyers are proficient in alternative dispute resolution and represent clients in arbitration and mediation panels.

Corporate Litigation including shareholder disputes, oppression actions and receivership;

Our lawyers have extensive experience in shareholders and joint venture disputes that extend to those involving companies on the stock exchange. In addition, our lawyers are regularly involved in disputes relating to corporate governance including issues of company administration, directors' duties and liabilities and the maintenance and reduction of capital. Our experiences of such disputes also extends to advising and regulating contested acquisitions or divestment of equity in such companies.

Insolvency & Liquidation which includes corporate restructuring, bankruptcy and winding-up;

Trust Claims which includes claims for breach of trust;

Debt Recovery which includes providing advisory and legal services for high net worth individuals;

Our debt recovery lawyers organise pressure on debtors at all stages of the collection process including:

  • tracing debtors
  • sending letters of demand before legal action
  • issuing and serving statutory demands
  • issuing and serving court proceedings
  • contesting and defending court proceedings
  • enforcement of judgments
  • winding up petitions against companies
  • bankruptcy petitions against individuals

Intellectual Property which includes resolution of IP disputes and infringement;

Construction which includes general advisory services for contractors and claims for work done, default, variation and damages;

Defamation including traditional libel and slander claims and defamation on the Internet and electronic mail;

Insurance including marine and non-marine insurance claims;

Real Estate Litigation including disputes between vendors and purchasers, Strata Title disputes, landlord and tenant claims, trespass, nuisance and easements and disputes in respect of the development of residential/commercial property;

Employment including advice on various aspects of Employment Law and employment disputes, such as wage claims, wrongful termination and breach of duties;

Immigration including providing advisory services, liaising with the Economic Development Board (EDB) with respect to investment of monies into Singapore and submission of paper to the EDB and/or the Immigration Department for those seeking citizenship/permanent residence and/or a permit to work in Singapore;

Personal Injuries & Insurance Claims
Includes assisting clients in their claims for personal injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, accidents in the workplace and public places. We are able to advise on a wide range of matters, including:

o Motor vehicle accidents
o Personal injury claims
o Professional indemnity cases
o Performance and security bonds, and enforcement of indemnities

We also provide legal opinions on a pre-litigation basis to determine quantum and liability of the above matters and are involved in settlement undertaken on a pre-litigation basis.

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