Introducing Business Legal Support

This is a new way for businesses to retain affordable legal assistance. The average business in Singapore is small to medium sized and has the same legal needs as the larger businesses - without the budget.

We provide your business with flexibility in choosing the options you need to integrate a legal package that fits your budget. From email correspondence to document review, your organization is covered with Business Legal Support ('BLS').

Business Support Letters allows you to have us draft letters on your behalf which may cover any of the topics included in the program. This is a particularly helpful component for those businesses which are faced with employment disputes or which are in negotiations.

Business Support Document Analysis allows you to have us review / draft documents including contracts, letters, policy documents and other documents included in the program topics. With Business Support Document Analysis, we review / draft your documents, then provide you with an overview addressing the primary legal concerns.

Business Support Comprehensive provides you with daily support (through e-mail / phone communication or meetings). Under this program, you continue to enjoy the benefits of having us review / draft letters / documents and in addition for those difficult or more time consuming issues, you can speak with our lawyers over the telephone. Finally, for businesses that desire in-person interaction, whether in the form of a specialized seminar, legal audit, or face-to-face discussions, this is your choice.

Business Support Customised allows you to maximize your use of the program by choosing the components that you need most. This differs from the Retainer program by fixing the services you need for the month, to enable you to plan for your benefits under the program.

Topics Included In The BusinessAssist Program are limited to the following topics:

General corporate and business (excluding incorporation and secretarial matters)
General employment law (including policy, procedures, HR, wages, but excluding drafting of handbook & ESOP)
General tort law (including business and applicable individual tort liability, but excludes litigation)
Contract drafting and review
Negotiations and dispute resolution (including advice litigation, mediation & arbitration and assisting in negotiations)
General legal principles applicable to businesses